Writing is easy; all you do is sit staring at a blank sheet of paper until the drops of blood form on your forehead.  Gene Fowler

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I just completed a teleconference with Karolus Smejda to discuss the results of my PowerSuasion Writing ProfileTM. I got involved with this writing program and process because I supervise supervise someone who signed up for the profile. I am so thankful for the opportunity to participate in this. As someone who has done a lot of writing and reading, I was very impressed with Karolus's communications philosophy and approach to writing assistance. I learned a lot about ways that I can improve not just my writing skills, but presentation, organization and communications skills in general. The process was easy to facilitate and the results were empowering.
Gina C., Ed.D., Director, Executive Development, National Service Organization

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Designed for the busy leader and professional, The PowerSuasion Writing ProfileTM gives you a snapshot of your on-the-job business writing.

By applying 75 objective criteria to the writing samples you submit to us, our professional editors provide you with specific advice and guidance to make your writing effective by annotating the samples. You will view your profile online privately and at your leisure. Also, you will get a 5x8 inch, personalized, laminated card listing the items you need to improve in your writing. Finally, you can add an optional interview with one of our consultants to review your The PowerSuasion Writing ProfileTM and to provide further insight into your writing challenges.

The PowerSuasion Writing ProfileTM online provides you with the following:
  • What objective criteria were measured
  • How you measured up against those criteria
  • What you can do to improve
  • Other resources you can reference

By taking advantage of the recommendations for improvement and the tools provided, you will apply this new knowledge on-the-job immediately....And get the results you want from your emails, letters and reports..

What the PowerSuasion Writing Profile measures Return to top
The PowerSuasion Writing ProfileTM not only evaluates your usage and grammar, but also evaluates the more important strategic elements of effective communication in your writing. To name just a few:
  • Does the communication (email, letter, report) ask for an action?
  • Is the communication oriented to the reader?
  • Is organization communicated to make the email readable?
  • Are paragraphs structured as meaningful and appropriate nuggets of thought?
  • ...and many more criteria.

Many of our clients have discovered not only what to improve, but also what is excellent. In fact, they have been delighted to see how well they did in so many areas. ( For more detail see below.)

Who Can Benefit Return to top
Sales/marketing staff
Professional staff
Technical staff

" I've found so much of the information we covered to be of daily value on the job.... Thank you for the knowledge and tools that you've provided; they really are making a difference in my working life and the lives of others around me.
Jay V., Learning Manager, Mid-level Consulting Firm

What You Get Return to top
  • My Editing GuideTM
    This personalized, 5x8, laminated card lists all items assessed at less than 90%. Phrased as questions an editor would ask, your people see exactly where to improve.  Using this card will focus their editing and improve the effectiveness of their e-mails, memos, letters and reports to get the results you want.
  • Writing Samples With Annotations Returned Online
    Your people's writing samples are annotated by the assessor with helplful comments and advice. Our professional editors point to issues and opportunities for strengthening their writing.
  • 24x7 Access to PowerSuasion Writing ProfileTMPowerSuasion Writing ProfileTM online version that:
  • Evaluates how effectively your people' writing communicates
  • Points out your people what is excellent
  • Tells what your people need to improve
  • Refers your people to resources for further improvement
  • Provides your people with tips they can use immediately
  • Gives the tools to improve your people' communication
Teleconference With Our Consultant (Optional)
Since some people can benefit from a person-to-person connection and since some people might be intimidated by the assessment results, this thirty to forty-five minute teleconference with PowerSuasion's consultant builds a bridge between your people, the

The teleconference to review assessment results covers the following:
  • Tour of the website and the information on it;
  • Review of the assessment results and what they mean;
  • Recommendations for action;
  • Answering questions the assessee might have; Upon completion of the teleconference, PowerSuasion notifies the appropriate client personnel.
  • Benefits Return to top
    Your people
  • Achieve the results your people want with your writing
  • Increase promotability by strengthening your writing image
  • Eliminate guesswork by knowing exactly where you must improve
  • Save time when drafting and editing your writing
  • Understand what makes your written communication effective
  • Reduce stress by not having to worry about the quality of your writing
  • Increase your productivity by getting the responses you want the first time
  • Write with more ease by having a step-by-step writing process to follow
  • " Thank you for the most useful course in writing I have ever taken. I used the information immediately the next day with great results. I feel like a big weight has been removed. I can now write purposefully rather than on intuition. After my first use of the information, the intended reader read my writing and complimented me! Best of all, my desired action (because it's stated), was carried out.
    C.G., Principal, Independent Consultant

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    If 10 to 25 PowerSuasion Assessments are ordered, your company will get an additional 5% prepay discount, if paid within two weeks of the order being placed.



    If 26 to 75 PowerSuasion Assessments are ordered, your company will get an additional 10% prepay discount is given, if paid within two weeks of the order being placed.

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    These fees are quoted per order submitted.

    Payment by credit card accepted.

    This offer is valid through 12/31/2010




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